PT Prisma Teknologi Informatika, known as Prismatek, is an information technology company founded in 2006 that specializes in providing document management system, data capture solutions, document digitalization, digital document management and form processing.

We have the privilege of working with some of the most well-known companies in Indonesia e.g. private companies, governments, training services, education institutions and many more. We help them solve business problems, increase visibility and help them thrive in a networked world where customers and employees have become increasingly empowered. We view our clients as a partners and work collaboratively with them to achieve results they can measure.

Prisma Document Management System (PrismaDMS) provides the technology and methods needed to capture, manage, share, and secure information within an organization. In the case of Document Management, this includes electronic documents, images, email messages, and other computer files, as well as scanned paper documents, electronic forms, and more. Virtually any Windows-based file format, electronic file, or converted paper document can be managed within the document management system.

Document management systems transform how the company manage business information in internal organization. From basic operations such as search and retrieval, to the most complex business functions like regulatory document control. Learn about the many areas of improvement that are possible in business with solutions using a document management system.

PrismaDMS is a scalable centralized web based document management system that has low operation cost of maintenance. Web based system offers ease of deployment and distribution. The main advantage of using PrismaDMS is to keep document in digital format which can be easily accessed by user who has access right.

By using PrismaDMS, clients deserve some of the special features such as:

  • Simple and intuitive web-interface
  • Document shortcuts (link to a document in another folder)
  • Customizable dashboard (displaying subscriptions, pending documents, checked out documents, quick links & more)
  • Unlimited documents, folders, workflows, document properties, document types,
    roles, groups and users provide space for ample storage and collaboration
  • Create users, groups & roles that map to your organization’s structure & processes
  • Role or group-based permission structure & workflow assignment
  • Notifications of changes made to documents & folders
  • Notify selected roles or groups when action on a workflow is required
  • Collaborated using threaded document discussion forums
  • Create tags for documents, browse documents by tag cloud and view organization wide tag clouds


  • Create and capture unlimited custom document properties for easy search & archiving.
  • Upload documents in bulk or import from existing directory locations.
  • Document versioning, with previous versions of documents available in a Version History.
  • Visually compare versions of document properties.
  • Implement your organization’s custom document numbering schemes.
  • Manage own system help content.
  • Full text search on numerous document types (Microsoft Office, PDF, OpenOffice, XML, HTML, RTF, text).
  • Simple and Boolean Search all document fields (including “author”, “date modified”, “custom fields”,  “workflow” and “file type”).
  • Create saved searches which can be used by other users.
  • Search for JPEG or TIFF data embedded by scanners & digital cameras.
  • Scan and securely store all paper documents.
  • Text content of paper documents is OCR ready, index for searching.
  • Separate access control for “Download” and “View Only” permission.
  • Integration with Scanner and OCR Server / no manual upload needed.
  • Integration with DataCapture software for indexing / no manual indexing needed.
  • Integration with Active Directory for user Authentication.



Dashboard is showing things that are relevant to the User when they are entering into the DMS system, such as the list of documents that must be checked out, items that need attention such as: document is still pending, a document that should be reviewed. Notifications will also appear on the dashboard, as well Orphaned Folders.

Document Searching

Document Searching

Advance Search

Advance Search


Document Management System provides three option – Simple (Quick) Search, Advance Search and a Saved Search. The Search functions are based on the permissions for each user, so that the system will only showing the Search function in accordance with the role of the user who logs in to the DMS


Document Management System (DMS) has Document Version Control feature which ensures that the function of editing and versioning of documents is done in a controlled function and can be audited. It includes functions Check out / check in (to remove a document from the system and locks the document so it can only be read / read-only, when document is edited).


Document Indexing is a description that can be listed on the document as an attribute of the document, so the document is retrievable based on the attributes.


Workflow is a tool to manage document life cycle. Administrators at the Document Management System have access to create workflows based on business process of the organization.


Permissions on the Document Management System (DMS) divided by Group or Role, function to restrict users to access the application. Usually Permission is prepared based on organizational structure e.g. Finance group can only be accessed by Finance department.


Document management systems are designed to store, index, and allow secure access to documents in an electronic format. The core of many organizations is dependent upon being reliable, security conscious, and providing mobile user access methods.

Electronic filing and document management is a simple task with our solutions. Valuable information can be made infinitely more useful and accessible in a digital format. Your office will be able to retrieve information at the click of a mouse without having to rummage through filing cabinets. With our document management solutions, you will be able to increase your profits by decreasing costs no matter the size or type of your business by creating an easy-to-use document library. PrismaDMS is especially designed for using “fit for purpose” concept aligned with company regulation in Indonesia. Furthermore, there are less customization in its application, at the end the “wasted” cost shall be eliminated.

In general, some of the benefits of a document management system include:

  • Increased profitability
  • Improved competitive advantage
  • Enhanced B2B and B2C relationships
  • Ensured regulatory compliance
  • Reduced litigation risk and liability

The ability to get a document with the click of a mouse can significantly enhance your office efficiency. If you have business processes that need to be automated an electronic document management system can give you that capability.

Whether it involves clients or the company, compliance is important. This system can provide audit trails, version control, and access control to ensure you are in compliance with whomever you need.

You can even better your customer service. When the client thinks they are getting attention and that the companies they use are keeping up with them on information it creates a better relationship and reputation. Having all the information ready to be emailed or faxed from your desk top makes it quicker and simpler to insure customer satisfaction.


Hardware requirements depend on the number of users, the size of the saved files, and the system configuration. Recommended server hardware is only used for the installation of Document Management System (DMS) and not combined with other application servers.


Server (minimal requirement)

V Quad core 2.5GHz

8GB Memory

500GB Harddrive

Storage: 2TB storage


Workstations (minimal requirement)

1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor

512 MB of system memory

15 MB storage space

Broadband connection to server

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